Because of Melton, more than 40,000 people around the world have had the opportunity to learn about their heritage and internalize its richness.

Our rigorous curriculum meets learners where they are and introduces them to their Jewish selves. Our courses provide every learner with fresh and exciting perspectives that enrich conversations, influence decisions, and create a deep sense of purpose.

But thousands of adults have yet to discover the wisdom contained in our age-old legacy and tradition. You can help us reach them.

Melton relies on your support to bring more learning, in more innovative ways, to more people.

Here is a taste of what we are working on now:

  • New courses to appeal to today’s learners. Our recently added Living Wisdom series illustrates the relevance of timeless Jewish topics to our modern world. The series is comprised of engaging six-part modules, and titles include “OMG, Can You Believe?”, “Pray It Forward,” and “Members of the Tribe.”
  • New ways to engage an ever-growing audience. This past year, we developed our robust online program, and we will continue to explore new platforms and avenues to reach even more people.
  • New and deeper Melton communities. Right now, 50 communities have access to local Melton teaching. We would like to expand that number and develop more local infrastructure to enhance the inspiring work of community leaders—and develop tomorrow’s visionaries.
  • New accessibility and demographics. We would like to attract more younger participants, and make the learning accessible through subsidies, peer-to-peer initiatives, and more.

When you make Meltonn part of your legacy, you bring Judaism to life for learners around the world, enabling them to live a meaningful Jewish life and to lead us toward a brighter tomorrow.