Every Jewish adult should have the opportunity to learn about their heritage. It was this conviction that drove Florence Zacks Melton to endow The Florence Melton Institute more than three decades ago. 

Melton offers a rigorous and accessible Jewish education to every curious learner. We have an ever-expanding series of travel programs and in-person and online courses. 
Course topics cover: 

  • Torah and Talmud 
  • Jewish mysticism and humor
  • Social justice and ethics
  • Modern Jewish thought
  • Jewish literature, history, and more

Melton’s curriculum engages and inspires. Outstanding Jewish educators develop our interactive courses, and experts at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem review each syllabus. We continue to add courses and topics to meet a variety of interests. Our educators participate in ongoing professional enrichment to maintain the excellence we expect. 

Melton’s travel seminars create an immersive experience. We travel to Israel, Europe, India, and the Americas. Learners submerge themselves in the culture, landmarks, and cuisine of their chosen location. They make lifelong friends and gain insight by studying topics in their historical and geographical contexts.  

Melton’s classes enrich Jewish life worldwide. Learners develop a life-enhancing sense of meaning, fulfillment, and connection. They build bonds with their fellows, creating a global family for life. Students draw on their Jewish knowledge to become leaders in their communities.  

Melton is the largest pluralistic adult Jewish education network in the world. Our live classes take place in more than 50 communities throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and South Africa. And our online offerings reach even further, enabling Jews around the globe to experience Melton. Altogether, more than 40,000 students (and counting) enjoy Melton’s transformative courses.