Support Worldwide Adult Jewish Learning

Planned gifts ensure that that your legacy reflects your values.

When you are ready, please consider Melton.

Melton provides innovative, world-class Jewish education to over forty thousand adults around the world, via travel programs, in-person classes, and online courses.

When you support Melton, you serve the global Jewish community. Your gift will help Jews throughout the world know their Jewish selves, across the spectrum of religious practice and knowledge. Melton’s learners draw on their newfound Jewish knowledge to gain confidence and self-esteem, which leads to more fulfilling connections with others. Not only will you help enrich and inspire Melton’s learners, but you will build their communities as well.

Whatever your current and future needs, we will help you structure your gift to meet them. Planned giving vehicles can give you a fixed lifelong income, and many confer significant tax benefits. Gifts can come from a variety of assets, including equity, life insurance, real estate, personal property, and cash.

Melton never stops expanding its best-in-class curriculum to meet communities’ changing interests and curiosities. Gifts like yours help Melton continue to evolve to meet Jewish learners where they are today.